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A badminton ball is not a sphere.   In people's impression, the ball should be a sphere, and it should be round from one side, but the badminton only has a ball head, the rest of the place is full of feathers, so it should not be a ball, just such a name.   The definition of a sphere is   A three-dimensional figure of a continuous surface is a space geometry formed by a semicircle rotating around a straight line of diameter, referred to as a ball, so badminton is not a sphere.   What kind of feather is a badminton made of?   High-quality badminton feathers need to choose high-quality goose feathers. Goose feather's strength and ductility are especially suitable for badminton fitness. However, due to relatively high cost and limited raw material origin, duck feather is required for badminton players with low levels.   Badminton composition:   A badminton ball consists of three parts: the butt, skirt and wing. Among them, the ball holder is the bottom of the badminton base, the ball skirt is the middle part of the badminton, and the ball wing is the top of the badminton.   About Badminton:   Badminton is a small indoor game played with a long handled netted racket between a net. Badminton is played on a rectangular court, with the center of the court separated by a net. Both sides use a variety of techniques and tactics, such as serving, hitting and moving, to hit the ball back and forth in the net, so that the ball does not fall into the effective area of the other party, or make the other party hit the wrong ball.   Brief introduction of Badminton Courts:   The badminton court is 13.40 meters long and 6.10 meters wide (singles court is 5.18 meters wide). Measurements should be made at the outer edge of the line, preferably in white, yellow or other easily distinguishable colors. All court lines are an integral part of the area it marks, and the ideal badminton court is made of soft wood.

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